Author Contribution Declaration Policy

Purpose and Scope

This policy has been established to ensure that authors transparently specify their contributions to articles submitted to our journal. It encourages authors to clearly declare their contributions and ensures these contributions are accurately identified. This policy also aims to help readers, reviewers, and editors understand the contributions of the authors.

Contribution Declaration Requirement

All authors are required to submit a contribution declaration for each article submitted to our journal. Authors must clearly specify their contributions at each stage of the article. This declaration plays a crucial role in the acceptance and publication process of the article.

Types and Definitions of Contributions

Author contributions should be specified under the following categories:

  • Concept and Design

Determining the research topic, formulating hypotheses, and designing the study.

  • Data Collection

Collecting and recording research data.

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation

Analyzing and interpreting the collected data.

  • Manuscript Writing

Writing the initial draft of the manuscript and making significant content contributions.

  • Critical Review

Reviewing the manuscript draft, providing comments, and making revisions.

  • Funding

Securing resources for research funding.

  • Supervision and Management

Overall supervision and management of the research process.

  • Other Contributions

Other activities contributing to the research and manuscript process that do not fall under the above categories.

Contribution Declaration Format

Authors should submit their contribution declarations in the following format during manuscript submission:

Author Contribution Declaration:

- [Author Name]: Concept and Design, Data Collection, Data Analysis and Interpretation

- [Author Name]: Manuscript Writing, Critical Review

- [Author Name]: Funding, Supervision and Management

- [Author Name]: Other Contributions (please specify)

Joint Author Contributions

If multiple authors contribute to the same category, their names and contributions should be clearly specified. For example, "Author A and Author B: Concept and Design."

Author Order and Responsibility

The order of authors should be determined based on the magnitude of their contributions to the article. All authors are responsible for the contributions they have declared and acknowledge that any false declaration will be considered an ethical violation.

Policy Updates

This policy may be updated as necessary, and authors are required to consider the current policy at the time of article submission. Updates to the policy will be published on the journal's website.


For questions or suggestions regarding the author contribution declaration policy, please contact us.