Peer review processes


InnovatioSports Journal is committed to ensuring the scientific validity and quality of the articles it publishes through a rigorous peer review process. This process is guided by the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Stages of the Peer Review Process

1. Submission and Initial Screening

    • Submission

Authors submit their manuscripts to the journal, where editors check the manuscript for adherence to the journal’s policies and formatting guidelines.

    • Plagiarism Screening

Manuscripts undergo plagiarism screening using software like iThenticate. Articles with a similarity index over 15% or more than 2% from a single source are considered plagiarized and will be rejected.

    • Initial Review

Editors evaluate the manuscript’s scientific value, originality, and suitability for the journal’s scope. Manuscripts that do not meet these criteria may be rejected at this stage.

2. Reviewer Assignment

    • Reviewer Selection

The manuscript is sent to independent and expert reviewers in the relevant field. Reviewers are selected to avoid conflicts of interest with the authors.

    • Invitation

Editors send invitations to potential reviewers to assess the manuscript. Upon acceptance, reviewers are expected to submit their reports within a specified timeframe.

3. Reviewer Assessment

    • Evaluation Criteria

Reviewers assess the manuscript’s scientific contribution, methodology, validity of results, and overall quality.

    • Report Preparation

Reviewers prepare detailed reports with recommendations for acceptance, revision, or rejection of the manuscript.

    • Confidentiality

The review process is strictly confidential. Reviewers’ identities are not disclosed to authors, and the manuscript’s content is kept confidential.

4. Editorial Decision

    • Decision Making

Editors review the reports from the reviewers and make the final decision on the manuscript. Decisions can include acceptance, request for revision, or rejection.

    • Feedback

Editors communicate their decision to the authors, along with reviewer comments. Authors are expected to make necessary revisions within a specified timeframe.

5. Revision Process

    • Revision

Authors revise their manuscripts according to the reviewers’ and editors’ suggestions and resubmit.

    • Re-evaluation

Revised manuscripts may be sent back to the original reviewers for further assessment. This process continues until the manuscript is deemed acceptable.

6. Final Decision and Publication

    • Final Decision

Editors make the final decision and inform the authors whether their manuscript will be published.

    • Publication Preparation

Accepted manuscripts undergo final editing and language checks before being scheduled for publication according to the journal’s timeline.

Reference to COPE Guidelines

nnovatioSports Journal adheres to all ethical standards and guidelines published by COPE. For detailed information and access to these guidelines, please visit the official COPE website:



  • Conflict of Interest: To prevent potential conflicts of interest during the review process, the ICMJE Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form is used. Details about this form can be found on the ICMJE website.
  • Confidentiality and Impartiality: Confidentiality and impartiality are maintained throughout the review process. Reviewers’ identities are kept anonymous, and all review materials are confidential.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the peer review process, please contact us:

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  • Phone: +90 (216) 850 1907

This process is designed to maintain the scientific integrity and quality of our journal. We appreciate all contributions and feedback.