InnovatioSports Journal is published by Mahmut Ulukan with the support of Yunus Şahinler and Selman Utku. Mahmut Ulukan, Yunus Şahinler, and Selman Utku are independent researchers and publishers dedicated to supporting original research and innovative approaches in sports sciences and the sports industry.


Mahmut Ulukan, Yunus Şahinler, and Selman Utku established InnovatioSports Journal to promote and publish academic work in sports sciences, health sciences, and the sports industry. With a profound interest in sports sciences and extensive experience in the field, this team ensures that the journal is published according to high scientific standards and ethical principles.


Publisher Name: Mahmut Ulukan
Address: Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 216 850 1907
Official Website:


Mahmut Ulukan is responsible for the following aspects of publishing InnovatioSports Journal:

  • Editorial Process Management: Assigning editors and managing the manuscript review process.
  • Peer Review Process: Selecting reviewers and ensuring the peer review process is conducted transparently and impartially.
  • Publication and Distribution: Editing, formatting, and publishing accepted manuscripts, as well as ensuring their distribution in both digital and print formats.
  • Ethical Standards: Adhering strictly to publishing ethics and scientific integrity, preventing plagiarism and ethical violations.
  • Archiving and Accessibility: Ensuring the long-term preservation of published content and its accessibility to researchers.
  • Copyright and Licensing: Arranging copyright agreements with authors and licensing the articles.


Mahmut Ulukan is committed to upholding high ethical standards and quality in academic publishing. The publishing principles are as follows:

  • Scientific Impartiality: Providing an unbiased and fair platform for scientific research, ensuring a review process free from any prejudice.
  • Accessibility: Supporting open access policies to make scientific knowledge accessible to a broad audience.
  • Quality: Conducting a rigorous peer review process to ensure that each published article is of high scientific quality.
  • Transparency: Ensuring complete transparency in publishing processes and protecting the rights of authors and reviewers.


Our editorial team consists of experts and experienced academics in the field. Our editors and reviewers have extensive knowledge and research experience in sports sciences and the sports industry. For more information about our editorial team, please visit the "Editorial Board" section on our website.


Mahmut Ulukan, Yunus Şahinler, and Selman Utku collaborate with various universities, research institutes, and professional associations. These collaborations enhance the academic quality and impact of our journal.


InnovatioSports Journal is indexed by various national and international indices and databases. This ensures that the published articles reach a wide audience of researchers. Detailed information about the indices and databases that index our journal can be found here.